Course Outline

    1. What makes a great dance studio front desk associate?

    2. What are people looking for in a dance studio?

    3. What is a studio's brand?

    4. Managing First Impressions

    5. Becoming every dance parent's information resource

    6. Creating a positive dance experience for students and parents

    7. Front Desk Fundamentals Quiz

    1. What product am I selling?

    2. Understanding a Dancer or Parent's Financial Commitment

    3. What questions parents ask vs. what questions they SHOULD ask

    4. Why choose our studio?

    5. Studio Benefits Worksheet

    1. The importance of a good first phone call

    2. Mechanics of a successful studio phone call

    3. A "Needs Improvement" Phone Call

    4. A Preschool Call Example

    5. A Recreational Student Call Example

    6. A Competitive Student Call Example

    7. An Adult Student Call Example

    8. Prospect Phone Call Worksheet

    9. Phone Call Quiz

    1. The Studio Tour

    2. Navigating Common Objections

    3. Tours & Common Objections Quiz

    1. Keeping Up-to-Date on Studio News

    2. Studio Office Journal

    3. Deleting "I Don't Know" from Your Vocabulary

    4. Common Answers Worksheet

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 46 lessons
  • Customizable Templates and Scripts
  • Certificate Upon Completion

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    Upon completion of the course, your staff will receive a certificate of competition and graphics that can be used on your email signature, website, or on other marketing materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    The Front Desk Fundamentals course is designed to be self-paced. The user controls the speed of the slides and can navigate forward and back and forth between lessons at their own pace. If completing the course in one sitting, there are approximately 3-4 hours of content. However, the course includes 40+ bite-sized lessons that can be easily digested over the student's preferred timeline or between customers at the front desk.

  • Is there a way to "preview" the material before we commit to purchase the program for each staff member?

    Absolutely! Simply register for a preview of the course by clicking "Get Started" above. There are several lessons you can preview before purchasing.

  • Does the person have to log into it from the same computer each time?

    The Dance Studio Owner Learning Library is cloud-based, meaning that the user can log into the course from a variety of devices.

  • What does the front desk staff member receive after completing the course?

    Once you complete the course, you will receive a personalized certification certificate with the staff member's name as well as marketing graphics to use on email signatures, your website, and around the studio front desk.

  • How do I purchase registrations for multiple staff members?

    You can purchase multiple registrations of the course to register each staff member. For example, you may wish to certify your studio owner, office manager, front desk workers, or anyone at your studio in a customer-service role.

  • How can I check on my staff's course progress?

    Your staff member will receive a certification certificate upon successful completion of the course. If you need to check in on their progress at any time as they are completing the course, you can email and we can email you a current copy of their progress report!

  • How long does a staff member have to complete the course?

    Users can complete their certification at their own pace. There is no time-limit for anyone to complete the course in a certain time frame.

  • Can we go back and review content after completing the course?

    Absolutely! Once you complete your certification, the course remains in your Learning Library portal. Your staff can return any time to review lessons or course materials.

  • Does the certification need to be renewed?

    Our Front Desk Fundamentals Certification does not expire. We encourage Front Desk Fundamentals alumni to continue to check our Learning Library for new courses with continuing education and training.