Energize 2021 Digital Content Library

    1. Let's Get Started!

    1. Welcome Keynote with Sue Buchta, CEO

    2. DANCE BLAST! Launch a Dance Season filled with FUN!

    3. Your Office Organized: Smart Strategies to Delegate Effectively

    4. Why YPAD? Keeping Youth Happy, Healthy, and Safe in Dance

    5. Managing Leads: The Path to Enrollment

    6. Keynote: Misty Lown

    7. The Art of Performing

    8. Everyday Money Moves to Get Results

    9. Flexibility, Stretching and Stability

    10. The Future is Now: Cutting Edge Performance Technology

    11. Trending Tricks 2021

    12. Be the Top Google Ranked Studio: Stand Out with Local Marketing

    1. Keynote: Suzanne Blake Gerety

    2. Your Fun Big Show - Recital Re-ENERGIZED!

    3. The Top 10 Do's and Don'ts of Studio Marketing

    4. Classroom Engagement for the Young Dancer

    5. Making the Messaging Heard! Parent Communication Strategies that Work

    6. Keynote: Tricia Gomez

    7. Teaching Grown-Up and Tot Classes

    8. Gain Time, Get More Done! Automate and Systematize Your Office

    9. Make Dance Class Accessible with Sensory-Friendly Dancewear

    10. Key Numbers: Produce the Big Picture

    11. Preschool Classroom Toolbox Must Haves

    12. Action Items; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    13. Fashion Show

    1. Thinking Outside the Box: New Revenue Streams, New Clients and Something to Make Your Life a Little Easier

    2. Coffee + Costumes: Recital Project Management like a Pro!

    3. "TutuTix University" - Ticketing 101"

    4. The Education of a Dance Parent: Why Dance is Key to Development

    5. Check In Pointe: Take Your Recital Sign In Process to the Next Level

    6. Four Core Features of Dance Studio Success

    7. The Twinkle Star Difference

    8. BAND: The Best Communication App for Dance Teachers + Studio Owners

    9. YPAD: Developmentally Appropriate Artistic Choices

    10. Studio Tech Tools: Maximize Revenue and Reduce Frustration

    11. Nimbly: Sell Dancewear Online + Done-for-You Costume Management

    1. Fashion Show

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